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Psychic Readings. Clairvoyance, astrology, numerology, tarot, palmistry and more.

E'er a Babe in the Woods

Life-long clairvoyant with more than 40 years of experience in America and Europe. Now available for readings & classes.

Consultant to doctors at the Edgar Cayce Institute (A.R.E.) in Scottsdale, Az. Also taught seminars (medical and political numerology and astrology) at A.R.E.

Inventor of the Astrot Wheel.

When unable to be physically with a querent, I offer services by phone, skype, and/or email, and use various disciplines (including astrology, numerology and tarot) to assure that I am “tuning you in on my dial.” Anything seen and/or discussed will be held in strictest confidence! Your secrets are safe with me.

My psychic abilities may or may not be related to a “near death experience” at age three, but the NDE was a cheat-sheet for life which I have always been happy to share (especially with those who may be “going Home” soon, or who have loved ones approaching “graduation”).

Do you have questions about health? Career? Romance? Family? Finances? Sessions available in 15-minute increments; credit cards accepted. Call now to make an appointment! 561 822-3513 (or email V at Tapupuncture dot com).

Psychic readings available at Luxe Energy Aesthetics (on Antique Row in West Palm Beach, Florida) Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons; readings by telephone (or skype) may be arranged for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights (EST).

All proceeds benefit the WAYWILDAnimal Rescue Shelter.