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Quit Smoking without Quitting Smoking!

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I noticed a long time ago that many psychics are either always eating or always smoking. I’m guessing that has something to do with a need for grounding.

Though a rabid anti-smoker as a child, I eventually developed the habit. Extremely dyslexic, smoking seemed to help “hold the world still.” As an intuitive, the grounding effect was also appreciated. And to be honest, I just found the act of smoking, itself, most enjoyable.

I didn’t feel that smoking was endangering my health and being ostracized didn’t make me want to quit. Then Natural American Spirit sold out to RJ Reynolds and it was over. I had to quit. But I didn’t want to quit! And by this time I knew the health benefits of nicotine — there are many! It’s not the tobacco which is harmful, it’s the additives

So I began sampling alternatives as my remaining supply of organic tobacco and filtered rolling tubes dwindled. Cloves and other tobacco substitutes were awful and lacked nicotine, and e-cigarettes seemed useless…until I finally discovered GreenSmokes. WOOT!

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These e-cigs are amazing!!! I’m the only “ex-smoker” I know who “quit smoking” but who has no idea exactly when, almost to the minute.

It was so easy and quick I still had a pack of tobacco and a box of filtered rolling tubes in my stash when the thought of smoking “analogs” became nauseating.

All I know is that sometime this month it will be three years since I quit smoking without quitting smoking. I love my Green Smokes!

Didn’t realize how much smoking was affecting me until I first awakened without a foul taste in my mouth which would remain until I smoked that first cigarette of the day. The difference between clothes I’d just washed and the clothes I’d worn as a smoker was immediately apparent. And I must admit that within days I noticed a change in the way my chest felt, and in my energy level.

I loved not-smoking! The most surprising thing of all was that, though they tasted strange at first (so much so that I didn’t think I was going to like them) within a couple of hours I preferred the Green Smokes to regular cigarettes!

The USB cig is my favorite, but if I’m not near a computer I need the regular e-cigs. When I started, the USB cigarette wasn’t included in the starter kit so this is a real deal even without the 10% discount!

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I highly recommend the FlavorMax cartridges, which last much longer than the original cartridges.

Never thought I’d be a fan of flavored cigarettes, but the vanilla, coffee, and chocolate are wonderful. They’d make a phenomenal diet aid and all of the cartridges are available in varying strengths of nicotine — or with no nicotine at all. Delicious!

Smoking really is a terrible habit, but it’s also a perversely enjoyable one. At least it was until I found Green Smokes. Now it’s just plain enjoyable. I get the full smoking sensation without the gross taste, smell, and feel. I get the nicotine which keeps me centered and grounded without the formaldehyde and ammonia, etc.

If you’d like to stop smoking, try this! 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping. And they’re cheaper than analog cigarettes on a regular basis. Save money and your health — you can quit smoking today without having to quit smoking! Swear t’God…

FYI: I prefer the USB cigarettes because they never need recharging and the vapor is a bit stronger, but the regular ecigarettes (which are called “batteries”) are perfect for a night out with friends. Just make sure they’re fully charged before leaving the house! It’s great to be able to smoke indoors again…and in restaurants, theaters, bars, libraries. Anywhere you can breathe, you can vape!

RE ecigarettes as diet aids: with or without nicotine, these cartridges taste so good that vaping the vanilla, chocolate, and coffee (and probably any other) flavors make it feel as though you’re eating a scrumptious dessert — with zero calories and no aspartame, sucralose, or saccharin (or carbs)!

All proceeds from the sales generated by these coupons benefit a local animal-rescue shelter.


  1. Fran says:

    You make quitting smoking sound so easy. What is the catch? I tried to quit lots of times and nothing worked not even gum or patches. Maybe I will try this but it does not sound real.

  2. Pam says:

    I quit smoking using Green Smoke too!! Everything you said is true even about using them to help your diet. They really are delicious and I always feel like I ate ice cream after I smoke the vanilla flavor!!

    1. Barbara says:

      I wish I could stop smoking. You make it sound too easy!!

  3. fred says:

    a guy at work smokes these at his desk all day. he used to smoke outside on break and you could smell his cigarette smoke all over the office when he came back. these do not smell at all unless you are at his desk but then they smell good. everybody is glad he stopped smoking regular cigarettes.

  4. Max says:

    I stopped smoking eight months ago and it was the hardest thing I ever did. I still want a cigarette every day. Life is too full of stress. Maybe I will try these green smokes. I liked smoking! Max