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Moons Void-of-Course: Belly Up to the LunaBar!

Moons void-of-course: Mini Mercury Retrograde

Moon Void-of-Course

Introduced to the void-of-course moon in the early 1970s, I followed them closely but did not study the phenomenon. They seemed to last no more than a few minutes, and occured in the wee hours when I was fast asleep. What effect could they possibly have upon my life?

Still, I always had an ephemeris of moons void-of-course, and in the early ’90s began using the LunaBar void-of-course utility created by Ralph Smith. Which changed my life.

Most unfortunately (though completely understandably, as it was surely a lot of work with little material reward), no updates were forthcoming, and 2010 spelled the end of Mr. Smith’s original data. Thankfully, someone at TimeLordsAstrology in Australia created updates and made the full LunaBar package available for download — for FREE — at their website. But I will remain forever grateful to Ralph Smith for the original.

LunaBar takes only seconds to download and moments to set up. The very little time and zero expentiture required would make this a wise investment. Because moons void-of-course are like mini mercury retrogrades. Just what we need — more mercuries retrograde.

My personal preference is for the modern tables, as the traditional don’t use the outer planets…and at this moment the moon is void-of-course in pisces. It went void-of-course at around noon, yesterday (a Saturday), and remains void-of-course until almost 9am EST on Monday. !!!*/#@%!!!

Why would I blog when the moon is void-of-course? Well, as with any other astrological aspect in combination with the realities of daily life, sometimes we have to do what we have to do, whether or not the skies are “favorable” (or cooperative).

Moons void-of-course have taken on a new importance in the past decade, as it seems they last longer now than I ever could have imagined when first following them. Some run for days on end! Maybe the Universe is trying to give us more time to think and rethink? Would that we’d take the hint…

Don’t sign contracts during a moon void-of-course. Don’t begin anything new if it’s at all possible to postpone. A non-believing antique-dealer friend changed his tune about the void-of-course after noticing that every time he sent something out during a void-of-course moon it was returned.

What to do (during a void-of-course moon)? Relax! Sleep! Meditate! Spend time with friends and loved ones. Tie up loose ends. Revisit and revise. Revolt! I’m doing this blog post during a weekend-long void-of-course — because I’ve been meaning to post for some time but kept being interrupted. Et, voila! A blog post.

I can’t imagine life without LunaBar (and thank you TimeLordsAstrology for the updates)!!! Download the entire free package, schedule important events around the moons void-of-course, and use the voids to your advantage!

Would you like a reading or a (tarot, astrology, numerology) class? Neither would be scheduled for a moon void-of-course, of course, but contact Luxe Energy Aesthetics in West Palm Beach to make an appointment. Don’t delay — call 561 822-3513, today (you can also email V at Tapupuncture dot com, and readings are available through skype)!


  1. Patty says:

    Thank you for the luna bar program! This site is great!!

    1. Nan says:

      Thank you so much for this!! Lunabar is amazing!!

  2. Elaine Petty says:

    Thanks! I never heard of the moon and void of course before. I will try this.

  3. Lynne says:

    I download luna bar and it was easy to install with the directions. I never heard about the moon void of course before but I will try to learn how it works. Thank you for putting this on your blog! I am just starting to study astrology.