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Posts from ‘October, 2011’

Amanda Knox, “Lucky” 7s, and Never-Ending Trials…

I couldn’t help but notice that both Amanda Knox’s mother and father live in 7 homes (547 = 16 = 7 and 10834 = 16 = 7). Which reminded me that I cringe whenever someone mentions their “lucky number 7.” To consider the 7 “lucky” is akin to being broke and thinking, “ooh, I hope […]

Quit Smoking without Quitting Smoking!

I noticed a long time ago that many psychics are either always eating or always smoking. I’m guessing that has something to do with a need for grounding. Though a rabid anti-smoker as a child, I eventually developed the habit. Extremely dyslexic, smoking seemed to help “hold the world still.” As an intuitive, the grounding […]

Preparation for Natural Healing: Clearing Congestion

Using natural remedies and healing techniques has always been my preference, and I am fascinated by the remedies and techniques which have existed seemingly forever. Recently re-reading my EFT manual I was reminded (and with all those res you know it was mercury retrograde) of how long everything we need has been available to us, […]

Moons Void-of-Course: Belly Up to the LunaBar!

Introduced to the void-of-course moon in the early 1970s, I followed them closely but did not study the phenomenon. They seemed to last no more than a few minutes, and occured in the wee hours when I was fast asleep. What effect could they possibly have upon my life? Still, I always had an ephemeris […]