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Amanda Knox, “Lucky” 7s, and Never-Ending Trials…

In numerology the seven corresponds with the planet saturn.

the 7 and Saturn: Teachers

I couldn’t help but notice that both Amanda Knox’s mother and father live in 7 homes (547 = 16 = 7 and 10834 = 16 = 7). Which reminded me that I cringe whenever someone mentions their “lucky number 7.”

To consider the 7 “lucky” is akin to being broke and thinking, “ooh, I hope Saturn is entering my second house.” Could Saturn in the second prove “lucky” on this planet?

Well, I once knew a lottery winner who hit the jackpot as Saturn entered his second house — and he was in a 7 year. In the end, his own estimation was that it was the worst thing that ever happened to him. By the time he found himself in debt up to his eyeballs (a short five years later), he’d lost not only the money but his wife, his kids (one to death), his family, and his friends.

We’ve all heard those stories, though most of us would still wish for a winning lottery ticket. Was winning the lottery a “lucky break” for this individual? That would depend entirely upon one’s perspective…

Before winning the lottery, the man I knew was an insensitive, arrogant, materialistic jerk. After losing everything he became a much more humble and caring individual, with priorities in the right place. That’s a very good thing — but mightn’t there have been an easier way to learn his lessons? Probably. But he hadn’t taken the hint (few of us do unless given no choice).

The White House is one of the most infamous 7 buildings in the entire world.

1600 Pennsylvania: World-Famous 7

So, “lucky” is relative. But when a client wants to move into a 7 home, start a business in a 7 building or year, get married on a 7 day…I do everything within my power to dissuade them.

7s are perfect for yoga; meditation and reflection; healing. 7s make great monasteries and spiritual retreats.

Centers for science and math (etc.) would do well in 7s, but relationships — especially sexual relationships  – would not. The 7 is conducive to celibacy and therefore more suitable for the deliberately celibate (though the 7 is also often found [usually accompanied by the 6] in tandem with “deviance”). Families are tested and members suffer when the home is a 7. I wish Amanda Knox had not returned to 7s. Her “re-entry” will be more difficult than it need be.

Last week I was helping a friend fix a printer problem, and while the diagnostics were running my mind kept wandering to the 7. Frustrated that I couldn’t seem to keep myself in geek mode I suddenly realized that the problem was — Windows 7! Her computer was running XP, but Windows 7 firmware and drivers had decided to install themselves during an update for her printer. The 7 rears its head in so many pies…

The 7 is to be respected rather than feared, however, and — believe it or not –that we all experience the 7 in re-occurring cycles, individually and collectively, is a gift (the last Universal 7 year was 2005, the next will be 2014). The trick is in knowing how to use the 7 to best advantage.

AA Rating from Lois Rodden for Amanda Knox Astrology Chart

Natal Astrology Chart for Amanda Knox

Amanda Marie Knox
July 9th, 1987 at 02:47am
Seattle, WA

Data source: BC/BR in hand Lois Rodden Rating: AA

Numerologically, it was no surprise that Amanda is in a 7 cycle, and has the 7 as her “ascendant.”

Meredith Kercher was born December 28th, 1985. Murdered by Rudy Guede on November 1st, 2007 — in a house at Via Della Pergola 7!

This 7 day in Meredith’s 9 life was a 1 day (a “new beginning”) in a 7 year and 7 cycle for Amanda. Her testing is far from over.

Amanda Knox is said to have become “a free woman” on October 3rd, 2011, but prisons take many forms and reports indicate that she’s living with her parents; moving back and forth between their two 7s (while being hounded; still vilified by those who would rather rage and point fingers than look within [or at the evidence]).

October 3rd, 2011: a 6 day in a 2 year (in a 7 cycle) for Amanda. But we’ll save the sex and restriction of the 6 (during a 7 cycle), and the relationships of the 2 (during a 7 cycle), for another time.

Where are the 7s in your life? Call now to make an appointment for a numerology reading or class! 561 822-3513 (or email V at Tapupuncture dot com).

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Afterthoughts re the 7
25th October 2011

I never cease being amazed by small pieces of the grand puzzle. Just watched a FrontLine re Cameron Todd Willingham, born January 9th, 1968. A 7 (1 + 9 + 24/6 = 16 = 7) and prodigious wife-beater, he and his family lived in Corsicana, Texas, at 1213 11th — a 7 home (1 + 2 + 1 + 3 = 7) on an 11/2 street.

His three children died in a fire (in this 7 home) and he was convicted of having murdered them. Executed in 2004 — a 7 year for him (1 + 9 + 2004 = 16 = 7) — evidence later indicated that the fire had been an accident.

The story is a sad one, and on so many levels (including that [Rick Perry and] the residents of Corsicana reacted to the science of the matter by clinging ever more tightly to their faith in Willingham’s guilt). I’m betting his wife’s, children’s, and parents’ charts would also reveal prominent 7s.

Most unfortunately, watching the news (or America’s Most Wanted) is a lesson in 7s. Were I queen of the world, 7 addresses would be as common as thirteenth floors in high-rises and skyscrapers (and, btw, there is nothing scary about the number 13. I’d live in a 13, in a heartbeat [if I liked the place]. I would not live in a 7 [no matter how much I liked the place])…


  1. Karina says:

    I followed her trial very closely and I am happy she is free now but like you said she is still in a different kind of prison. What happened to her is terrible and it can happen to any of us even here in America! I will be very careful never to live in a 7. This was a great article.

  2. Laura F. says:

    I believe Amanda was innocent too. I don’t know anything about numerology or astrology but you do not have to be a psychic to know she did not kill Meredith. I wish people would back off and give her some privacy. She does not look happy in any of the pictures now she is free.

  3. josh says:

    i heard she is getting hate mail every day
    i feel sorry for her

  4. Val says:

    Poor Amanda!

  5. Kate says:

    WoW. I did the birthday for my best friend who always has horrible problems in her life and she is a 7! I think it is interesting because she is a microbiologist and she is also a 30 years old virgin and you said that 7 is good for science but not good for sex. She is looking for a house to buy now. I will send her your article and make sure she does not buy a 7 house!!!!!

  6. Alan says:

    The worst time of my life was when I lived in a 7. I am glad I read your post I will never live in a 7 again!

  7. Suni says:

    Did you write to Amanda to tell her about this? I hope she finds your blog and learns about the 7 houses from her parents. I did not know until now that my brother who killed himself was in a 7 apartment. His number was 43. I agree Amanda is innocent. Suni

  8. Trina says:

    I think the Italians were just jealous Amanda is so beautiful they wanted to punish her but also enjoy crazy sex fantasies about her. That guy Rudy killed her roommate and I am sorry she is dead but her family needs to leave Amanda alone!

  9. Mehri says:

    I am laughing because before now I will always tell you 7 is my lucky number but now I think about my life and you are right the 7 is not my lucky number at all! This is very interesting for me. I will like to see you write more about the numbers. MK

  10. Iris says:

    People are writing hateful things about Amanda Knox. It is nice to read something like this for a change. Thank you.

  11. Psekrit says:

    @Suni: I am so sorry for the loss of your brother and hope you and your family have begun healing. No, I haven’t tried to contact Amanda (or her family), but I would certainly be happy to help them in any way I am able should they contact me. They probably can’t get out of their 7 homes, but the 7 can be mitigated or even changed. They may have enough clout for something like that in Seattle. Again, my sympathies for your loss.