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Amanda Knox, “Lucky” 7s, and Never-Ending Trials…

I couldn’t help but notice that both Amanda Knox’s mother and father live in 7 homes (547 = 16 = 7 and 10834 = 16 = 7). Which reminded me that I cringe whenever someone mentions their “lucky number 7.” To consider the 7 “lucky” is akin to being broke and thinking, “ooh, I hope […]

Luxe Digs for Readings in West Palm Beach

Clairvoyant (as the Persians say) “for as long as I’ve known myself,” I began studying tarot, astrology, numerology, and palmistry at a very early age. These and other metaphysical disciplines allowed me a greater focus and understanding, and made it possible to help others both anticipate and navigate life’s ups and downs. Consulting (internationally) for […]